• Cool! I saw them at CSULB and at the Round House in Chalk Garden London. Must say Jim was pretty messed up. Not the greatest performer, in all honesty. In fact, they we're booed at CSULB 'cause they showed up 2 - 3 hours late and Jim fell off the stage (on me) drunk. Later, in late '87, visited his grave in Per La Chaise, Paris. U2 were standing discreetly in the background in long, black coats. There were young and old "kids" sitting around the grave site passing spliffs and bottles around. I was the only one there old enough to have actually seen the Doors, being from LA and all. He was worshiped by all present. I don't think that man can ever rest in peace with the madness going on above his grave. Still, it was touching how multiple generations will never forget him.  (Terry Greene)
The Doors M66NAH12508BX

  • Mike S Handley ...and check the Mad Man Muntz add about trade in your old tapes "The largest tape library in the Country!"

  • hmmm... do ya think those would be 8 tracks? Might need to hurry on down.

  • Mike S Handley i wanta trade in my 4 tracks!
  • Good news! I hear they are coming out with something called 'cassettes'. Supposed to the smallest possible format... so I would wait a bit if I were you.

The Doors M67NAH16217BX

Crawling King Snake - broadcasted from LA onto Australian TV!

  • Here's more ~

People Are Strange - The Doors Video p/ Alan Ase

The Doors performing The End live at The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970

  • Steve West a TV site I recomend is VH1 classics. especially that "metal show" This talk show with those 3 rock experts have guest from 70 and 80's... like AC/DC,Heart,s
  • Mark Kolb "Things, eventually, went right for this guy here." Really? Dead of Alcohol and Drugs at the age of 27. Can you imagine telling that kid that he would be dead in 10 years? I would say things went terribly wrong for this guy here. Do you think that dying that way at that age is a fulfilled life? It's nothing short of a tragic life.
  • How about this, Mark Kolb? "Things eventually went right for this guy, then terribly wrong." He went from being a student to being a Rock Star... no, make that ROCK STAR. You, me, us... all remember Jim Morrison. We play his music / we love his music... we know his lyrics were well-informed, his style innovative. And where he went from there is where no one really wants to go, and a place that no parent wants their child to go - one step too far on a path that has no return. There was, first, a bright moment - to which I was referring - and then a very black moment... as you, correctly, point out. Let us all hope that we, and our children, are on the path that takes us to the best that we can be... and that is the one we travel on and not stray from. I'll add in this, tho - that path may not always be , and should not be - a smooth one - finding one's way over rough spots builds one up. Even the morass that sometimes sucks us down often elicits talents we never knew we had or ever employed. Did the same for Jim.. just not that last time. As far as we know.
And...we've two more tidbts for you (and our Doors fans!). First, no it wasn't just the financial state of the educational institution that got him down... this note from his Dad wasn't a bright spot either (after hearing their self-titled album), Morrison's father wrote that he should "give up any idea of singing or any connection with a music group because of what I consider to be a complete lack of talent in this direction."

As to the second 'tidbit', for those who appreciate Doors' history as much as we do, here - ripped from - but with this acknowledgement - the pages of wikipedia, is this: "...while living in Venice Beach, he became friends with writers at the Los Angeles Free Press. (That would be US :)) Morrison was an advocate of the underground newspaper until his death in 1971. He later conducted a lengthy and in-depth interview with Bob Chorush and Andy Kent, both working for the Free Press at the time..." And he also was friends with another one of our Reporters - John Carpenter. Yup, lots of words from Jim's mouth to our paper!

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