expand Scott McKenzie
First known as Philip Blondheim was born in 1939 in Florida and grew up in North Carolina and Virginia where he met, and became friends with, the son of one of his mother's friends, John Philips.  He was in a high school singing group with Tim Rose and later a doo wop group, called the Abstracts with John.  The Abstracts changed their name to the Smoothies, cut a few sides in New York and Scott also decided it was time to change his name.

 In 1961 Philips and McKenzie formed 'The Journeymen' and recorded 3 albums and 7 singles for Capitol records.  In 1964, in the wake of the Beatles and the British Invasion, the band dis-banded, Scott went on as a solo performer.  When he was invited to join the Mamas & Papas he declined citing it would be too much pressure.  A couple of years, later he signed to Lou Adler's Ode label.  

John Philips wrote and co-produced the single 'San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) for Scott.  The song became an instant smash hit.  His second single became a minor hit as did his 2 albums.  In the 70s he gave up playing and moved to Joshua Tree.