Al Kooper

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>> The Blues Project had a well-received appearance at Monterey on June 18th, and maybe many people then thought that the summer of ’67 would be great for the band. 
>> But, actually, they were more or less in the process of breaking up by then, so they did, after a handful of gigs and the recording of a last (forgettable) single. That was in September, the very same month when it aired on the WNEW network, and of their last television appearance during a 2-hour television special on pop music titled ‘The Steve Paul Scene’.
>> Here, below, The Blues Project perform one of their most well-known songs, Flute Thing, during the above mentioned TV show.  Enjoy!

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Al Kooper

Alan Peter Kuperschmidt born in Boston and raised by a nice Jewish family in Hollis Hills, Queens, was a musician, a producer and a songwriter.  His first foray into public performance was with the Royal Teens and you’ve probably heard the song they are famous for, 'Short Shorts'.  He then authored the Gary Lewis & The Playboys hit 'This Diamond Ring'.

One of the things Al is noted for is his relationship with Bob Dylan.  Al had some brass actually sneaking into the 'Like A Rolling Stone' sessions while the producer was away for a few minutes.  When the producer, Tom Wilson, returned Al was playing away with everyone else.  Dylan loved it.

Al’s credits are so extensive as to require an encyclopedia, but notables are the choral and musical arrangements for the Stones' 'You Can't Always Get What You Want', his Super Sessions series, and all his credits on all the Lynyrd Skynyd records.  Wikipedia lists my favorite Al Kooper quote: "I am so pleased to be in Britain, I could just sit and pour tea over my head".

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