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We’ve been making some (beautiful) noise over at our Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic- and thought that it’s about time that we add to that with a presence here.

One advantage here being, of course, that posts and comments don’t ‘roll down’ as they do on fb – you can always find what we’ve (and our Friends *** INCLUDING YOU) have had to say about the events and Artists that we discussed, and the old Music Posters (circa 1960s) that we’ve displayed.  Each of those discussion have been (or soon will be) ‘archived’ here on this 1960s LAFP Old Music Posters Project website, for your easy reference and a real trip back to the best past ever.

More than that, we’re taking the time on this site to expand on all the material that we transfer from our Facebook Page… adding even more interesting tidbits and additional LA Free Press Archive Items!  And whether you commented there or not… you’ve the chance to add to the discussion here!  Hope to see you soon…. will, we’re sure, add to the fun of it all icon smile Hello world!

Please don’t forget… here, like there, you are always welcome to request that we hunt down LA Free Press pieces from long ago – mentions of Artists and events that you may have an interest in – or even remember! – from long ago (our hey day being 1964 thru 1971).

EACH day, in fact, you can VOTE FOR 1960s ARTISTS that you would like to see featured…

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Laura Nyro

Tag: L / Laura Nyro / Laura Nyro
Laura Nyro Born Laura Nigro in The Bronx, Laura Nyro composed her first songs at age 8, and took to singing with different harmony-oriented groups in the subways and street corners of New York (one of her favorite songs being the 1954 Nolan Strong and the Diablo’s tune "The Wind" which she would cover in 1971).  Barely out of her teens, she released her first album, More Than A New Discovery in 1966 on Verve Records, moving over to Columbia Records after discrepancies over her contract emerged.Read More

Led Zeppelin

Tag: L / Led Zeppelin
nv.us Read More

Lou Rawls

Tag: L / Lou Rawls
Lou Rawls Born in the south side of Chicago, Lou was brought up singing in the Mt. Olive Baptist church choir.  By his teenage years he was already singing with Sam Cooke and Curtis Mayfield.  Read More


Tag: L / Love
Hot Nacho Fabio Giberti mention that he liked Love... so we're sending some his way. (This Advert from 1969 touts a New Year's Eve appearance.... Read More

Lovin' Spoonful, The

Tag: L / Lovin' Spoonful
Lovin' Spoonful - Rain On The Roof [Excellent quality] Read More
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