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We’ve been making some (beautiful) noise over at our Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic- and thought that it’s about time that we add to that with a presence here.

One advantage here being, of course, that posts and comments don’t ‘roll down’ as they do on fb – you can always find what we’ve (and our Friends *** INCLUDING YOU) have had to say about the events and Artists that we discussed, and the old Music Posters (circa 1960s) that we’ve displayed.  Each of those discussion have been (or soon will be) ‘archived’ here on this 1960s LAFP Old Music Posters Project website, for your easy reference and a real trip back to the best past ever.

More than that, we’re taking the time on this site to expand on all the material that we transfer from our Facebook Page… adding even more interesting tidbits and additional LA Free Press Archive Items!  And whether you commented there or not… you’ve the chance to add to the discussion here!  Hope to see you soon…. will, we’re sure, add to the fun of it all icon smile Hello world!

Please don’t forget… here, like there, you are always welcome to request that we hunt down LA Free Press pieces from long ago – mentions of Artists and events that you may have an interest in – or even remember! – from long ago (our hey day being 1964 thru 1971).

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Pacific Gas and Electric Blues Band

Tag: P / Pacific Gas and Electric Blues Band
The Pacific Gas & Electric Blues Band were formed in 1967, in Los Angeles, by guitarists Tom Marshall and Glenn Schwartz, Brent Block on bass, and drummer Charlie Allen.  Wikipedia states that Glenn was previously in the James Gang with Joe Walsh in Cleveland, Ohio.  That article also states that Glenn left the James Gang in 1968 and if that is the case he could hardly have started the band or have been a founding member.  Nevertheless, Glenn was already a guitar legend in the north eastern Ohio scene. Read More

Paupers, The

Tag: P / Paupers
The Paupers Whatever was in the water supply near Hamilton, Ontario, in the 1960s paid off in spades with this group.  Originally called the Spats, whose work ethic included 40 hours a week of rehearsals, sometimes up to 13 hours a day and all on their own dime.  With too many management and line-up changes to mention they finally signed to Verve, cut two stacks of wax there, 'Magic People' and 'Ellis Island'. Read More


Tag: P / Pentangle
Bert Jansch, the influential Scottish guitarist, singer and songwriter, had been known as a Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar, died of lung cancer Wednesday at a London hospital. He was 67. As a member of the 60's folk group Pentangle, he Read More

Pink Floyd

Tag: P / Pink Floyd
Thanks KQED San Francisco for this little morsel from 'An Hour With Pink Floyd'. April 1970. Read More


Tag: P / Poco / Poco
[Ernest Bantour] Pioneers of the country rock genre, Poco was established by Richie Furray and Jim Messina following the dissolution of Buffalo Springfield. Their first album, Pickin' Up the Pieces, is a reference to the break up. Read More
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