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We’ve been making some (beautiful) noise over at our Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic- and thought that it’s about time that we add to that with a presence here.

One advantage here being, of course, that posts and comments don’t ‘roll down’ as they do on fb – you can always find what we’ve (and our Friends *** INCLUDING YOU) have had to say about the events and Artists that we discussed, and the old Music Posters (circa 1960s) that we’ve displayed.  Each of those discussion have been (or soon will be) ‘archived’ here on this 1960s LAFP Old Music Posters Project website, for your easy reference and a real trip back to the best past ever.

More than that, we’re taking the time on this site to expand on all the material that we transfer from our Facebook Page… adding even more interesting tidbits and additional LA Free Press Archive Items!  And whether you commented there or not… you’ve the chance to add to the discussion here!  Hope to see you soon…. will, we’re sure, add to the fun of it all icon smile Hello world!

Please don’t forget… here, like there, you are always welcome to request that we hunt down LA Free Press pieces from long ago – mentions of Artists and events that you may have an interest in – or even remember! – from long ago (our hey day being 1964 thru 1971).

EACH day, in fact, you can VOTE FOR 1960s ARTISTS that you would like to see featured…

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Al Kooper

Tag: A / Al Kooper / Al Kooper
The NEW LA Free Press POST-MONTEREY SERIES (thru '67) with LA Free Press Era Rock Historian, Bruno Ceriotti, now featuring... THE BLUES PROJECT >> The Blues Project had a well-received appearance at Monterey on June 18th, and maybe many people then thought that the summer of ’67 would be great for the band. Read More

Albert Collins

Tag: A / Albert Collins
The Razorblade, the Iceman, the Master of the Telecaster, no matter what you reckon Albert Collins to be, he is a force to be reckoned with. Check the playing here and you will hear several signature licks that you recognize Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown for. Read More

Alice Cooper

Tag: A / Alice Cooper
Meanwhile, on the other side of town.............nv Read More


Tag: A / Aorta
I like waking up with the sounds of really twisted, distorted guitar and this elpee has loads of that and more to offer. Starting out as Kal David and the Exceptions in 1962 the band included Peter Cetera, founding member of Chicago Transi t Authority. Read More

Arlo Guthrie

Tag: A / Arlo Guthrie
Posted an LA FP Front Page (Top U.S. Secret Warfare Plan) from more than 40 years ago(!) on our 'LA FP Fans' Page (see link); it says WE Sponsored the LA Premiere of Arlo Guthrie's film Alice's Restaurant that week. Here's its Advert from way back then... Read More

Arthur Brown, Crazy World of

Tag: A / Arthur Brown / Arthur Brown
Another of those guitarless bands like the great Rare Bird and Atomic Rooster, featuring the renowned Arthur Brown whose vocal range was prodigious. There are posters and memorabilia on the official lafp 60s music site. nv Read More

Association, The

Tag: A / Association / Association, The / The Association
The Association In 1965 an act known as The Inner Tubes with a revolving talent roster that included Doug Dillard, Mama Cass, David Crosby and others, would evolve into a 13 piece folk-rock act known as The Men that was the house band for a time at the world famous Troubadour night club in Los Angeles. Wood shedding and honing their skills, this group would further distill into the heady brew that became known as The Association.Read More

The Animals

Tag: A
Bikini World just started on This TV....to be followed by "For Those Who Think Young". frug, boogaloo, and watusi with miss lucy. Read More
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