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One advantage here being, of course, that posts and comments don’t ‘roll down’ as they do on fb – you can always find what we’ve (and our Friends *** INCLUDING YOU) have had to say about the events and Artists that we discussed, and the old Music Posters (circa 1960s) that we’ve displayed.  Each of those discussion have been (or soon will be) ‘archived’ here on this 1960s LAFP Old Music Posters Project website, for your easy reference and a real trip back to the best past ever.

More than that, we’re taking the time on this site to expand on all the material that we transfer from our Facebook Page… adding even more interesting tidbits and additional LA Free Press Archive Items!  And whether you commented there or not… you’ve the chance to add to the discussion here!  Hope to see you soon…. will, we’re sure, add to the fun of it all icon smile Hello world!

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Bonzo Dog Band

Good night to some................good morning to others...............nv Read More

Booker T and The MGS

Tag: B / Booker T and The MGS
Booker T. & the M.G.'s They started out as the house band for Stax records, providing back-up for Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett, but one day in 1962 they were just fooling around during down time, noodling around on a little organ riff.  The president of Stax wandered in, liked what he heard and hit the record button.  Before the song or the band had a name a Memphis DJ played the song 4 times in succession which helped the tune, "Green Onions' to become an instant hit.   Read More

Buffalo Springfield

Tag: B / Buffalo Springfield / Buffalo Springfield
Buffalo Springfield Taking their name from a steam roller parked in front of their house, Buffalo Springfield formed in 1966.  The band is notable for being one of the first American bands to garner attention after the British Invasion and for its cast of talent - Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richard Furay, Jim Messina and Dewey Martin.   Read More

Butterfield Blues Band

Tag: B / Butterfield Blues Band
Butterfield Blues Band Hailing from Chicago the Butterfield Blues Band got their start when two underage teens, Paul Butterfield and Elvin Bishop, hired away the legendary Sam Lay for the drummer's throne, and Jerome Arnold.  Oddly enough, Paul had studied classical at the University of Chicago where he met Elvin and switched his major from flute to blue's harmonica in real life.  The band was signed to Elektra upon adding Mike Bloomfield on guitar. Read More


Tag: C

Canned Heat

Tag: C / Canned Heat
Canned Heat Canned Heat formed in 1966, coalescing around Al "Blind Owl" Wilson, guitar and harmonica, and Bob "The Bear" Hite, vocals.  They were two blues fanatics and aficionados.  Add to the mix Henry "The Sunflower" Vestine from The Mothers of Invention on guitar, Larry "The Mole" Taylor on bass who had played with the Monkees and Jerry Lee Lewis, and Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra on drums.  Fito played with everyone from the Sinners to Etta James, The Shirelles, The Platters and the legendary T-Bone Walker.   Read More

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band

Tag: C / Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
slip me a little crimson jimson cuz i'm making like a hockey player and getting the puck out of here................................nv Read More

Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys

Tag: C / Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_Mother_%26_the_All_Night_Newsboys Read More

Charlatans, The

Tag: C / Charlatans, The
Dan Hicks and company..................nv Read More

Chicago Transit Authority, The

Tag: C / Chicago Transit Authority / Chicago Transit Authority / The
If you read the Review on Chicago (circa 1968) you see that it was SPOT ON... and they went from playing Itchyfoot Mose's to.... (and note- they are the ONLY band on the bill!) Read More
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