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This event actually took place on July 14th, 1968.IF you WERE there, come join our Eyewitness Appreciation Program. SEND a message to us about what you saw or did, particularly if it was not what had been expected... and, YOU, too, can BECOME PART OF THIS EVENT(!) ~ we’ll either announce YOUR name FROM THE STAGE or a give you a shoutout IN THE COMMENTS. REALLY. So be in touch NOW… Click. Right. HERE.

Whether you were there or not, THIS is your chance to experience it in a whole new fashion. That’s part of our purpose for doing all of this. Another is filling in the historical record… when you see a (?) it means we’re not quite sure about something – and your input would be appreciated!

So, come along with us, nowor at the ‘scheduled’ time (if nothing else, Time Travel IS flexible. Enjoy The TRIP!!)

Here we are at… The Free Press Bastille Day Bash!

*Like always - the LA Free Press doesn't Just Do It... we Do It Big!
>>> TODAY we're not just celebrating one holiday, we're celebrating two.
>>> One holiday is of our own making... GUAMBO. Not sure what that is? No problem...we'll explain it later, if for no other reason than so you know what to wear. AND Bastille Day. Yeaah... we'll explain that one, too!
>>> As always,
we've got you Front Row seats, and a Backstage Pass like no other!!

>>> Bands are going to be on stage from 1 till midnight. All are here to help us celebrate, and all FOR FREEE ! So… let’s party!!

(And here’s a motivating factor – Those bands we advertised… well, they ALL showed up. >Well, those that were on the advert - The Mothers of Invention, Kaleidoscpe, the Collectors, the United States of America, Salvation, the Holy Modal Rounders and ~ SURPRISE(!) ~ Pacific Gas & Electric, Alice Cooper, Black Pearl, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the BFD Blues Band, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, AND CHICAGO!

AND so did ???

*Guess we should tell you WHERE you're going, right?
Head down to Santa Monica... look for the pier, park, and hurry down to the beach. 'Officially' this is happening at the Cheetah... but we've had the bands set up on the boardwalk OUTside the Club, and you can enjoy all that they're playing right from a spot on the beach, ocean at your back.
>>>Not familiar with the Cheetah? Located at the Pacific Ocean Park Amusement Pier in Venice at 1 Navy Street, Santa Monica, CA, it was yet another dance club in a line of dance clubs that had been operating on Lick Pier since the 1920s.
>When Lick Pier opened, it was 800’ x 225’ and had a ballroom plus several amusement rides. The future home of the Cheetah was built in 1922 as the Bon Ton Ballroom, and the interior of the 22,000 sq. ft. red-roofed ballroom was decorated in a modified Louis XV motif.
>>>Carlyle Stevenson and his orchestra entertained nightly, and all day on weekends. By 1936, it was known as the Lick Pier Ballroom and, in 1942, it became the Aragon Ballroom. By the 1950s, people seemed to be more interested in TV than in an old-fashioned amusement park (thus beginning a long slow decline…). At some point in 1951, one of the orchestras there attracted only 8 couples. The doors were about to shut but the manager hired Lawrence Welk and his orchestra, who had entertained dancers there in 1946. That turned out to be a huge success and Welk's performances were weekly broadcast over local TV (later to be picked up nationally by ABC).
>>>Welk left the Aragon in 1961 for ABC studios at the Hollywood Palladium. The ballroom remained the Aragon until February, 1967 when it was remodeled and renamed the Cheetah. The new venue officially reopened on Tuesday, March 21, 1967.
>>>This LA Free Press Bastille Day Event is being 'broadcast' AS IT HAPPENED from right OUTside the Cheetah... later on tonight, we’ll move INside. Well, looks like we can get started… as soon as you arrive

Comments – We placed the comments below on the Cheetah Venue Page, as well, along with many others. You can get to it by Clicking HERE. HOWEVER, we suggest you refrain from doing that till the end of this Event… sad reality of what it lo0ks like now.

HELLO and WELCOME to The Free Press Bastille Day Bash! I understand that there are more than 20,000 of you here... and I'm happy to see each and everyone of you!!
Like always - the LA Free Press doesn't Just Do It... we Do It Big!
>TODAY we're not just celebrating one holiday, we're celebrating two.
One is of our own making... GUAMBO. Not sure what that is? No problem...I'll explain it later, if for no other reason than so you know what to wear this evening when we move inside the Cheetah Club. And we're also celebrating Bastille Day. Yeaah... I'll explain that one, too. But, first, let's get to our first group, right?
Here, now... for you... are the MOTHERS OF INVENTION!!!!!

*It’s taken these boys two years to recover from our birthday party in ’66, but they are, indeed, back.
Born in 1965 in Pomona, C A, and originally known as The Soul Giants, then as Captain Glasspack and His Magic Mufflers, then as The Mothers, and finally now
The Mothers of Invention, they quickly relocated to Los Angeles in search of fame and fortune.
The band made a lot of lineup changes through the years, but, today they’re led by singer, guitarist and composer
Frank Zappa, one of the great music geniuses of all time, and feature Roy Estrada on bass, Jimmy Carl Black on drums, Bunk Gardner on flute, piano, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, and clarinet. Then there’s Ian Underwood on vocals, guitar, organ, piano, electric harpsicord, celeste, alto sax, baritone sax, clarinet, and flute, Jim “Motorhead” Sherwood on tenor sax, baritone sax, soprano sax, and tambourine, Don Preston on keyboards, electric piano, and electric clavichord – are these guys musicians, or what?
And there are still more of them - Ray Collins on vocals and Artie Tripp on drums, percussion, xylophone, timpani, vibes, marimba. Well, I thought that was all we had time for, but these guys insist on playing, too. Sooo… they’ll be starting up in a minute.

with Don Preston and 7 others.

I'm told that
The Mothers of Invention are playing this FOR you, not TO you...

See video

Frank Zappa - Hungry Freaks, Daddy

ok... let's have some volunteers come up for this one.

See video

* I think this is a send up... these guys just aren't your conventional act, right? Second song... not bad, but what do I know?